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Bell’s Oarsman Ale

Posted: July 7, 2015 by Kenny in Craft
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oarsmanI recently bought myself some new shoes on and saved about $70 over buying them in the store here. I had them shipped to Blue Water Shipping in Port Huron, who only charge $5 for the service. When they came in, I decided to take a day off work and drive down there with the wife and 4, and pick up a few things from the land of cheap everything.

Our first stop was Kroger so I could take a look at their beer selection. I didn’t find any mixer packs worth picking up, but I did find enough singles to make 2 6-packs (and apparently pay for them with an expired credit card! That’s a fun story for later).

Part of that pack was this Bell’s beer. I really enjoyed Two Hearted when I was in Florida and I know they are one of the more reputable craft brewers in the States. So, last night, after a hard work out, an easy swim with friends and after going to pick up wings for dinner (at 9:30 pm) I grabbed this beer. ¬†There wasn’t much detail on the label, just that it was made with malts and blah and blah and sour mash…wait, sour mash? What the hell kind of beer is this? Turns out, Berliner Weisse.

I’ve had experience with Berliner Weisse before and was none-too-pleased, so had pretty low expectations for this one. It poured out relatively clear for any kind of weisse and smelled malty sweet but lingered with sour. The first (hesitant) taste was smooth and sweet, but then turned a bit sour on the booty. It wasn’t until I checked in that I realized that it was a 4% beer! A session Berliner, what a novel idea.

It worked! I loved that beer. I’ll be looking for it again the next time I’m down there. Well done.

Country of Origin: United States
Alcohol Content: 4%
Finished: First
Vessel: Glass by way of bottle