Sleeman Lift

Posted: August 28, 2015 by Kenny in Craft
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liftThe wife and I were having a friend over for drinks after training one night and I needed to pick up another case of Twisted Tea, since we had downed the last two we bought (damn that stuffs good). While I was in the beer store with 2, I sauntered over to the can section to see if there was anything new. Among the tall cans of cheap-ass bum-beer and cheap-ass hippy-beer I saw a can from Sleeman that I had never seen before. Lift? What’s that? “For the performance focused. Contains coconut water” the can proudly displays. This sounds interesting….and probably disgusting.

As I take it up to the cash, I tell 2 that this beer is going to suck. The lovely girl at the desk laughs and says she hasn’t seen anyone buy it yet (not a good sign). We banter a little longer and she grabs my case of Twisted Tea and then I leave for the gym.

When I get there, I start telling people about this likely disgusting beer that I bought and how I can’t wait to drink it. Most don’t understand why I would be excited to drink gross beer, but some get it. “Coconut water? I think they’re trying too hard” says one. “Who would drink a beer after exercise?” asked another (she’s new and doesn’t realize that is my after-workout staple).

When I got home, I made sure to toss it in the fridge so it was nice and cold for later on in the evening. I started off slow with a Innocente Glance Rye Pale Ale and followed that up with a Flying Bison Rusty Chain. Then I decided enough was enough. Lets get this crap out of the way. It poured out a dark orange and it smelled like shit stale lager. It was a musky, malty, non-coconutty smell.

I’ve had coconut water and I was expecting this to be an alcoholic version of that. The first taste was all lager. And not good lager like a vienna or a lug tread, a bad lager like a Canadian. Kinda like if you were a kid, and Uncle Joe left his bottle of Canadian on the table to go out and have a smoke and forgot about it. Then when you were cleaning up an hour later saw there was some left at the bottom….and drank it. Ya, it was like that.

@Bryhendornet put it nicely by saying it should be called “Old Milwaukee Light Sport”.

It was not good.

Country of Origin: Canada
Alcohol Content: 4%
Sequence: Third
Finished: Yes
Vessel: Glass by way of can



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