Twisted Tea

Posted: August 10, 2015 by Kenny in Craft, Imported
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twisted-tea-original-1pkIt isn’t very often that I write about a beer that isn’t a beer, but considering that in the last 2 weeks, I have consumed at least a dozen of these, I thought I should add it to the list.

The wife and I were at one of her co-workers parties, which also happened to be a chilli cook off (we scored 3rd). Knowing that I was going to be eating chili, I brought along a few Cobblestone Stouts and a Lemon Tea beer to enjoy with dinner.

Before that happened, the kids were all out in the back playing games and jumping on the trampoline while the parents had some snacks and grabbed beer from an old wheel barrow. In said wheel barrow were a bunch of Boston Lager and Twisted Teas. At first, I enjoyed a cold-on-the-bottom-warm-on-top Boston Lager while the wife tried a Twisted Tea.

While my beer was satisfactory, she couldn’t stop saying how good her hard iced tea was. Curious, I decided to try a sip. Wow! That was pretty yummy. But I bet like with all iced tea/cooler type of drinks, they get really sweet the more you drink of it.

Not so! It’s just awesome. It looks like home-made iced tea, it smells like home-made iced tea and, surprisingly, it tastes like home-made iced tea. Well, maybe not home-made, but I found it tasted like the powdered Nestea my Mom used to make in the summer. There is that initial sweetness followed by a dry, powdery bitter that sits there just long enough to be noticed, then disappears.

Everyone we have shared it with since has liked it just as much. We are not on to out third case this summer. This could be the first time a non-beer makes the Top 10 list.

Country of Origin: United States
Alcohol Content: 5%
Sequence: All Summer Long
Finished: Absolutely
Vessel: Bottle, glass


  1. […] having a friend over for drinks after training one night and I needed to pick up another case of Twisted Tea, since we had downed the last two we bought (damn that stuffs good). While I was in the beer store […]

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