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New Belgium Snapshot

Posted: March 31, 2014 by Kenny in Craft
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Processed with VSCOcam with a1 presetCountry of Origin:  United States
Alcohol Content:  5%
Sequence:  Third
Finished:  Yes
Vessel:  Glass by way of bottle

It was a Wednesday in Florida which means it’s golf day at Sunnybreeze. The kids were glued to the TV watching Frozen (the first of MANY times since we bought it) and the father-in-law and I got ready and took off. As we progressed through one of the worst rounds of my life, the skies got darker and darker until, on the 15th hole, they opened up on us. It was that “big ol’ fat rain” Forrest Gump talked about in that movie called….I forget. By the time we got back to the truck, we were soaked and didn’t feel like sitting in the clubhouse for a Breezy Brew, so we went home.

By the time we got back, the sun was shinning and the heat was back. Bollocks! I needed a beer that was going to cheer up a wet, unhappy golfer. I grabbed a wit bier. That usually works.

This one poured out a cloudy pale yellow and smelled like wheat beer. It had a little hop smell to it, which is always appreciated. It tasted like a light, smooth wit bier. The more I drank, the more relaxed I felt. Beer is a beautiful thing sometimes, you know?

Near the end, it started to get a little sweet. Other than that, it was a decent beer. Nothing that blew my mind, but better than some.


Forked River Accidental Tourist

Posted: March 31, 2014 by Kenny in Craft
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IMG_20140330_204400_editCountry of Origin:  Canada
Alcohol Content:  4.7%
Sequence:  First
Finished:  Yes
Vessel:  Glass by way of bottle

I’m taking a break from the vacation beers to focus on a new beer by my friends over at Forked River. Over the last year, I have gotten to know them quite well and stop by whenever they have a new beer out (which seems to be every other Friday!). Even though there have been a few glitches (a couple stuck caps that led to broken bottles and a flat beer) it hasn’t stopped me from going back for more. In fact, because they are such a new brewery, they appreciate people like us who spread the word and comment on broken bottles and flat beer.

This beer came out during the time I was away in Florida, so I picked it up the first chance I could. It is supposed to be a lighter, less sweet version of Golden Boy, so I decided to have it with nachos on a Sunday night.

The wife poured this one out for me. It was super pale yellow in colour and there wasn’t much of a head, or at least not one that stuck around for a while. It smelled a lot less sweet than Golden Boy did, that’s for sure, but there was still a mild sweetness to it. The first taste was nice. It was subtly sweet with a wheat like booty. As I ate my spicy nachos, it kinda changed into a “wetter” blonde, along the same lines as Capitol Blonde, but with less hops.

Overall, a great beer that would be great on tap on the patio during the summer. I’m sure there is a story behind the name…but then again, we all remember King of the Who?

madura brownCountry of Origin:  United States
Alcohol Content:  5.5%
Sequence:  Sixth
Finished: Yes
Vessel:  Glass by way of can

This was the last of the Cigar City brews the father-in-law picked up for me. I wasn’t super excited for this one since I don’t love brown ales. There are some good ones (Amsterdam’s whatever-they-call-it-now brown ale, Newcastle…)

It was a great day of friends, sun and beer and to top it off, I had to have one more beer. Unfortunately, this was the one that I grabbed.

It poured out dark brown, as expected, with very little head. It smelled very rich in malts and sweetness. I found it to be a little too malty for my liking. After a while, it started to taste more like booze than anything else, which was weird, because it was only 5.5%.

So apparently I drank them in the reverse order of goodness….oops.

Goose Island IPA

Posted: March 29, 2014 by Kenny in Craft
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GooseIslandIPACountry of Origin:  United States
Alcohol Content:  5.9%
Sequence:  Fourth
Finished:  Yes
Vessel:  Glass by way of bottle

I picked this one up at Publix as part of a mix-your-own sixer. I’ve been impressed with Goose Island ever since I had their 312 Urban Wheat. After that, they were impossible to find in Canada, until Sofie and Matilda were released. We’ve had two of each since then. That’s why whenever I’m in the States, I look for some of their beers.

The night that I had this one, we were having pizza, so I wanted to pair that with a nice IPA. I poured it out and right away, you are hit with the very recognizable smell of hops. It was a golden yellow colour, but sadly, it was filtered.

The wife smelled it and tried it and told me that I would like it. She was so right. It was hoppy, sweet and bitter, all at the same time. It was the best beer that I had had since I got there. It was great from beginning to end.

I really enjoyed this one. I wish they had more of their beers in Canada. Work on that, will ya?