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Oast House Bière de Garde

Posted: August 30, 2013 by Kenny in Craft
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oie_transparent (1)Country of Origin:  Canada
Alcohol Content:  9%
Sequence:  Fifth
Finished:  Yes
Vessel:  Glass by way of bottle

What in the hell is a Bière de Garde? Beer, yes, but what kind? I’ve never even heard of it before. Looking on the interwebs, I found out that it means Beer for Keeping, meaning they make it in the summer or fall and then store it in the cellar until they want to drink it in the winter. It’s a traditional Belgain farmhouse ale…thanks Wiki.

So, what’s it all about? It pours out copper-y and full of stuff! I mean, a lot of sediment. And I suppose, now that I know how it’s made, makes sense.  It smelled just like Oast House Saison, which is another traditional Belgian farmhouse ale (It’s almost like Oast House was aware of this). It tasted like a dunkel, like Ridunkelous in a way, but it was no where near as dark.

The fact that it was 9% and it was our fifth beer made it a little less enjoyable, but at least it was an introduction for a new style of beer….which I didn’t think was possible after 400 beers!



Oast House Sasion

Posted: August 29, 2013 by Kenny in Craft
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oie_transparentCountry of Origin:  Canada
Alcohol Content:  6.%
Sequence:  Fourth
Finished:  Yes
Vessel:  Glass by way of bottle

Seems like this is the year of the saison. They are everywhere in the LCBO. This wife actually picked up a few more that I have to drink soon just last week. Oh well, can’t complain. At least they are good.

This one came right from the brewery in Niagara, so it had to be exceptional quality, right? It poured out looking like a light IPA but with the sediment of a strong, unfiltered one. The smell that came from it was great. A nice combination of spices and citrus.  When we tasted it, it immediately reminded us of Dominus Vobiscum, the first saison we had this year.

This wasn’t the best saison I’ve had, but it certainly wasn’t the worst. It’s not the kind of beer that one can just sit and drink and drink and drink. It heavy, its full of sediment so it’s chewy at times, and it packs a punch with its 6.5%ageness.

I did love the flag labels on their bottles though. Nice touch.

Boxer Watermelon

Posted: August 29, 2013 by Kenny in Craft
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beer_213364Country of Origin:  United States
Alcohol Content:  8.5%
Sequence:  Third
Finished:  Regrettably
Vessel:  Glass by way of giant ass can

You’ve all seen the commercial. Deep in your mind, you’re all thinking that you want to try it, but are afraid. No worries, we sacrificed 10 minutes of our lives and drank it so you don’t have to.

First off, when I picked it up and sent a picture of it to Mark with the caption “THIS is happening!”, he replied “Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!” If you remember Boxer Ice, you may recall that we thought it was one of the most vile things we’ve ever tasted in our lives. To be fair, it was the ninth beer we had that night…but then again, crap will taste like crap no matter when we drink it.

So the time came to crack it open, and we all took a deep breath before pouring it out; one last breath of fresh air. To end the suspense, yes, it pours out pink. I’m drinking pink beer! It smelled like sugar that was flavoured with synthetic watermelon.  Then came time to drink, and none of us really wanted to, but for the blog’s sake, we had to.

Damn! That was disgusting! It was so sweet it took a few sips just to get to any real flavour. It tastes like pretty much any fake watermelon anything you’ve ever had. I think it tastes a lot like watermelon Jolly Rancher. Nasty!

Mark decided that he didn’t want to prolong the agony and chugged it! To this day, he still regrets that decision.  While I was laughing at the faces he was making, I somehow spilled a little on my shirt and I was stuck smelling that shit for the rest of the night!

Never! Again!

Silversmith Black Lager

Posted: August 28, 2013 by Kenny in Craft
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63e5147ec5fd73e1924374e305a501c1Country of Origin:  Canada
Alcohol Content:  5%
Sequence:  Second
Finished:  Yes
Vessel:  Glass by way of bottle

This is another beer that Mark and Julie picked up during their anniversary weekend in Niagara. They had tried this beer at the brewery and loved it enough to pick up a few bottles to bring back.

I started off the day with an Oranje Weisse around noon.  They showed up shortly after that and it was on!  Mark opened up his cooler to show the 6 bottles of fun stuff he brought back. Since he was so excited for the Black Lager, we opened it first.

It pours our black, so they didn’t misrepresent themselves there. It had a malty smell to it, obviously, but I was hoping that it wasn’t what it tasted like.  It didn’t. It has a great smokey taste, kinda like a stout, but lighter, and had a lager beer booty. So, ya, it was a Black Lager. I enjoyed it a lot.

During this particular drinking day, Pat was coming over too and I didn’t think we’d have enough beer for everyone, so in addition to the 3 beers Mark brought, I asked him to pick up a mini keg of Crosswind, which by the way, is not as good as it is in the can.