In The Fridge

Generally, I like to keep some cold ones near by, just in case people pop in, or my kids stress the hell out of me enough that I need to escape for a few minutes.  Here is a list of the beers that you may find in my fridge on any given day you pop in.

coors_lightI try to keep “the beer that everyone likes” in the fridge as much as I can. Its always going on sale, and any time that a member of my extended family comes back from Ottawa/Gatineau they bring back at least one 60-can pack from Costco. Usually in the summer, I end up with 3 cases sometimes. So it’s understandable if I get sick of it after three months and 180 cans!

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The old standby. The beer that got me back into beer (that and liquor was getting to be too expensive at the bars).  It may not go on sale that often, but it is a crowd pleaser and a great all around beer.

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Usually only shows up in the summer or after an Ottawa trip, but it has been known to go on sale at the Beer Store every once in a while during the cold winter months….no luck so far this year.

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My favouritest beer ever! Damn expensive (unless you shop at Costco in Gatineau) but well worth every penny. Even when its on sale, its still $5-10 more than Coors Light, but sometime, price really doesn’t matter. You just need good beer.

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This is for when I’m feeling like a fancy-pants. I used to drink this at the curling rink after a match (yes, I curl).  Never goes on sale in Ontario, and you’re hard pressed to find it in anything more than a 12 pack here. Of course, you can always wait for Christmas where someone inevitably gives you a Stella gift pack from the LCBO. I think I have like 12 glasses now people. Thanks, you can stop now.


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