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Anchor Steam Beer

Posted: December 31, 2012 by Kenny in Craft
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Anchor-SteamCountry of Origin: United States 
Alcohol Content: 4.9%
Sequence: First
Finished: Yes
Vessel: Bottle

This was another daughter pick, she liked the anchor on the bottle. It has a whole story on the label as to why it’s called steam beer but I’m not going to type it all out, go get your own bottle. It did, however, say that it is one of America’s oldest brewery… but so did Yuengling.

It said that it is deep amber in colour but I didn’t pour it out, so I trust them. It tasted like a mix of amber and dark beer, which I never thought would be good, but really was.

The beer booty was a little harsh but after a few pulls, I got used to it.

I liked it and if I’m ever in the San Francisco area, I’ll take the brew tour!


Bellwoods Farmhouse Saison

Posted: December 30, 2012 by Kenny in Craft
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bellwoodsCountry of Origin: Canada
Alcohol Content: 6%
Sequence: First
Finished: Yes
Vessel: Red Solo cup by way of GIANT bottle

Of course for Secret Santa this year, my brother got me, and of course, he bought me beer. But beer from a small brew pub in Toronto that has random “pop up” retail sessions only advertised through Twitter. Amazing! He said that he had to wait in line for about an hour to get the 4 bottles he gave me. That’s dedication for the cause.

He mentioned that he wanted to try the Saison since that’s one that he hadn’t had before (and after this, I don’t think will again). Out of the bottle it smelled like a nice wheat beer. It poured out copper coloured and then once it aired out a bit, it smelled like citrus.

At first taste, it was wheat beerish with a hint of orange. Then the beer booty hit. DAMN! That was one hell of an aftertaste. It kind of just lingered for a few minutes. It’s definitely not for the inexperienced beer drinker.

He may not have liked it, but I did. I can’t wait do drink the other 3 massive bottles.

Galt Knife Old Style Lager

Posted: December 30, 2012 by Kenny in Craft
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galt knifeCountry of Origin: Canada
Alcohol Content: 4.4%
Sequence: Second
Finished: Nope… someone tossed it out!
Vessel: Red Solo cup by way of bottle

I took some fun beers over to my brother’s house for Christmas Day fun since my other brother and his wife always like a good, strange beer.

I’ve had it before but it had been a while (plus it hadn’t been cataloged) so I thought I’d pick it up and try it again.

So… not as good as I thought it was. It was really hoppy with some caramel. I tried it cold cold cold and was letting it warm up a little bit when catastrophe happened… someone thought it was leftover pop and tossed it!!!! How dare they!

If only I had the chance to try it as it warmed up a little…

Golden Pheasant

Posted: December 29, 2012 by Kenny in Imported
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golden pheasantCountry of Origin: Slovakia
Alcohol Content: 5%
Sequence: Fifth
Finished: Yes
Vessel: Glass by way of bottle

The last fun beer of the Christmas Eve fun time and I’m glad. It was not good… like, at all. It was very hoppy and had a horrible beer booty.

We should have known that a beer that had the same name as an old, icky, run down hotel would be awful.

We knocked off another country from the map but at what cost… at what cost!