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Innis and Gunn White Oak Wheat Beer

Posted: October 9, 2015 by Kenny in Craft, Imported
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InnisandGunnWhiteOakWheatBeerIf you look back on my experience with Innis and Gunn, you can see that it started off horribly and then slowly moved its way up to Not That Bad. Then, earlier this year, they surprised me with two really good beers(Craft Lager and Toasted Oak IPA)

So, of course, now I seem to grab one whenever I’m at the LCBO. Last week was one of those days. I saw an I&G bottle with a blue label and thought to myself “self”, I thought, “you haven’t had a blue label, right”. So I looked it up and nope, I’ve never had White Oak Wheat Beer. Wait, Wheat Beer? Innis and Gunn? Alright. Stranger things have happened.

I read the back of the bottle and it described the beer as sparkling and a flavour that you would expect from a cup of earl gray tea. Colour me intrigued. It poured out a clear dark yellow and had barely any head. Right away I understood what the label was referring to. The whole kitchen started to smell like my mum was steeping a pot of Earl Gray after a nice beef dinner, complete with yorkshire pudding! (If you haven’t had it, you’re missing out!)

It smelled very floral and very sweet. It tasted, for the most part, like a wheat beer that was infused with tea leaves. It was so out of left field! The closest thing I could liken it to is Mill Street Lemon Tea Beer (which is a 5 star beer).

So, suffice it to say, I enjoyed this one a lot.  I’m looking to grab some more if I can.

Country of Origin: Scotland 
Alcohol Content: 6.4%
Sequence: Third
Finished: Yes
Vessel: Glass by way of bottle



Belhaven Twisted Thistle IPA

Posted: July 31, 2014 by Kenny in Craft
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twisted thislteI grabbed this in Florida because a) it was made by Belhaven, and I liked the other one I had and 2) it’s an IPA.

The bottle was clear, so I knew it was a dark IPA colour going in. When I opened it, it smelled like some sort of medicine, not a good start. There was no head on the pour, which concerns me sometimes, and it smelled like meds even more now!

The first taste was, yup, like medicine. This is going to be a long drink! Luckily, I had lots of time to drink it, so it sat there, getting warm. And you know what? It got better as it did, which is odd for an IPA. It got creamier and the hops became hoppier.

All things considered, it was not bad.

Country of Origin:  Scotland
Alcohol Content:  6.1%
Sequence:  First
Finished:  Yes
Vessel:  Glass by way of bottle


Innis & Gunn Craft Lager

Posted: July 16, 2014 by Kenny in Imported
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i&g_12bottletray_041209My history with Innis & Gunn has been varied. Some of their beers were not bad, others were not good. I assume it would be from the oak barrel aging process that they use for all of their beers, or maybe it’s the clear bottles (Sleeman has suffered the safe fate with me).

After a hard workout and putting the kids to bed, the wife and I made croissandwhiches (croissant, egg, cheese, ham…great!) and I poured an Old Brown Dog to enjoy with it. After that, I still felt like having one more, and this was in the upstairs fridge..the irony being I was too lazy to walk downstairs to get a new beer……after working out for an hour.

The wife poured this one out for me. She noted “I didn’t pour it out gingerly, and there still is no head”. Interesting. It smelled like an Innis & Gunn lager, but there was a certain spiciness to it that smelled great. It tasted nothing like a traditional I&G beer, instead, it tasted lighter, with less bite and that mystery spice added a new element that took it over the top.  I have no idea what it was, or how it got there, but I know I loved it and this is the first Innis & Gunn I would buy more of!

Oh, and it came in a can. What up with that?

Country of Origin:  Scotland
Alcohol Content:  4.6%
Sequence:  Second
Finished:  Yes
Vessel:  Glass by way of can


Brewdog Hardcore IPA

Posted: April 14, 2014 by Kenny in Imported
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hardcore ipaCountry of Origin:  Scotland
Alcohol Content: 9.2%
Sequence:  Third
Finished: Yes
Vessel:  Glass by way of bottle

We were just about done with our time in Florida, but there was time for one more round of golf still. I sucked pretty hard on the front nine, but, for some reason, decided to change my grip and was out driving the father-in-law with a 3 iron. I felt better after that. Guess I won’t quit golf after all.

When we got back, I was in need of beer. I tossed back a Blue Moon and a Noble Pils but still had room for one more for dessert. I grabbed the second of the Brewdog beers I got at Total Wines. It was a double IPA, the “big brother”, if you will, of Punk IPA. Having been through a couple IPA/Double IPA combos (Mad Tom/Twice as Mad Tom, Southern Tier IPA/2XIPA and Double/Dead Elephant) I kinda knew right away that I wasn’t going to enjoy this one.

It poured out almost the same as Punk IPA, dark copper, but with visibly less “spooge” in the glass. It had a strong hop smell going on, too. Almost too strong.  It tasted very  hoppy and very bitter, almost to the point of over doing it. I was having a hard time enjoying each sip. It was more like work to get it down. That is, until it warmed up. At that point, it mellowed out a bit, but Punk IPA still blew it away.