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Dead Crow Bourbon Beer

Posted: December 14, 2015 by Kenny in Craft, Imported
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deadcrowYou may have noticed that I have not been updating the list as often as I used to. Well, work is crazy busy and I don’t have the kind of time I used to to write up every beer I drink. OH, I still drink a lot of beer (as of this writing I’m at 1,423).

Now, since my time is limited, I have decided to only spend the time to write up really good beer, great experiences…or the most vile beers I try. This post, my friends, is that of the latter.

In my experience, when something says its Bourbon beer, it has been aged in bourbon barrels, or has had some portion of it infused with the essence of bourbon, direct from the source. So when I grabbed Dead Crow Bourbon beer, I was expecting more of the same.

The bottle was clear so I could see that it had a clear, dark orange colour to it, which is along the same lines as many Innis & Gunn, which are oak aged. I had no reason to believe that this beer was going to be the shit show it turned out to be.

After I poured it out, I took a smell; way too sweet to be bourbon. Let’s take a look at he the ingredients. I crap you not, this is how it went: Beer, Sugar, Bourbon Spirit, Flavoring. Are you for real? The first ingredient in this beer is… From where? What kind of beer?

Ok, benefit of the doubt, there are a lot of new fusion beers out there, like all the a-rita’s from Bud Light (notice there is no link to them……) and the new thing it to make beer cocktails (never) so maybe these guys are just ahead of the game.

No Dice. One sip and I cringed. It was way too sweet. It was like sugar water.

It only took another sip for me to decide this was one of the worst beers I’ve ever tried. Congratulations Dead Crow, you have found yourself in a very special group; Beer Ken did not finish. Make room Ghost Face Killah, Ghosttown Stout, Leifman’s GoudenbandDragon Stout and Spring Bock.

Country of Origin: England
Alcohol Content: 5.5%
Sequence: First
Finished: No
Vessel: Kitchen sink



Buxton Jaw Gate

Posted: January 16, 2015 by Kenny in Craft
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buxton-jaw-gateDuring a recent game of “has Ken had this” with Jackie, she brought back from Toronto a bevy of new beers for me. This one, somehow, got lost in the fridge for a while. So, on a night when dinner was going to be at 9 pm after the kids were asleep, I brought it up to drink.

The first thing I noticed when I looked at the bottle was there was no air bubble at the top. That was kinda concerning, since early last year I had to toss out a beer because the cap was struck wrong and never sealed. It was a citra hopped beer from England that I couldn’t find again. LCBO needs some better QC I think.

Anywho, once I opened it, I realized why there was no air bubble. The liquid was filled to the brim. The very top. There was no room for a pfft when I opened it. I expected the beer to be flat and I would have to tosses this one too, but as I poured it out, it started to bubble and fizz like it should.

It poured out a dark yellow IPA colour and smelled like spicy hops. It tasted a little different from your usual IPA, most of which are made in North America. It had a resin-like feel (no, I’m not turning into one of “those” beer guys). It was kinda oily. The hops were fantastic at first, but as it warmed, started to become more and more bitter. That’s when the English side started to show.

Overall, a decent beer. Maybe the score would be higher if I could get one with a tiny bit less in the bottle.

Country of Origin:  England
Alcohol Content:  5.8%
Sequence:  First
Finished:  Yes
Vessel:  Glass by way of very full bottle


Fuller Vintage Ale 2013

Posted: December 10, 2014 by Kenny in Imported
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Vintage_Ale_2013_UK_12_x_500ml_caseNow we go back a year. the 2014 Vintage Ale was a decent brew, I’m sure that having it age one more year would make it smoother or something, right?

Hells no! It poured out dark brown and smelled like…PLUMS I hate plummy beer! It tasted way too, well, plum-like. It was sour, tart, heavy and just plain nasty.

It took me forever to finish this one. When asked what I was drinking (which happened a lot that night) I told them and offered a sip. I only had one taker and she said it tasted like soy sauce.

I can only hope that the one in my cellar mellows out over the next few years!

Country of Origin:  England
Alcohol Content:  8.5%
Sequence:  Sixth
Finished:  Yes
Vessel:  Stein by way of bottle by way of pucker face


Fullers Vintage Ale 2014

Posted: December 10, 2014 by Kenny in Imported
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Vintage-Ale-2014_660X710Back in the summer, the wife picked up a beer in a box. That must mean it’s special! It was a Fullers Vintage Ale 2013. The description on the box tells you to cellar it was up to TEN YEARS ! So, instead of drinking it, I put it in my cellar beside my 2013 Winter Beard and Siamese Twin Ale.

As time passed, I thought about it….how will I know how much the flavours change if I don’t drink it and record it NOW? So I grabbed another one.

A few days before the gym Christmas party, Mark was out buying beer to bring and was sending me pics as he did. He asked if I had ever had Fullers Vintage Ale and I told him I had one that needed drinking; you get that one and we’ll drink them at the party. Brilliant!

That is, until we got there and his bottle looked different from mine. He had a 2014 Vintage Ale. Well heck, that’s a different beer all together!

We poured them out and they were different colours all together. The 2014 was light brown with a big foamy head (big since he was still drinking out of a Red Solo cup). It smelled like a malty English ale and it tasted (from what I had, which wasn’t much) mild and a touch malty. Not a bad English ale, I suppose…

Now, compare that to the 2013 Vintage Ale…..

Country of Origin: England
Alcohol Content:  8.5%
Sequence:  Fifth
Finished:  Shared
Vessel:  Red Solo cup by way of bottle by way of box