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Hurry Hard Amber Lager

Posted: October 20, 2015 by Kenny in Craft
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11391252_100889143585797_6598313988595243473_nLast summer, Triple Bogey Lager blew me away! (Read the post to see how much)  A co-worker knows these guys quite well and hinted that they were working on a beer focused on the curling world, called Hurry Hard (pretty much they only thing Americans know about curling is that you yell that all the time). Being a champion curler myself (OK, it high school and we did it as a joke, but we still won!!) and a fan of the game (no, it’s not a sport) I was very interested to see what they would make. Beau’s made a Coffee Porter last year in Burnt Rock (when a player accidentally touches the rock, it’s considered “burnt” and taken out of play). That was a fantastic beer.

Lots of time has passed and I completely forgot about that little tidbit. That all changed on the weekend when I was in the LCBO and saw a shelf full of curling rocks and corn brooms. Without thinking, I grabbed three of them. Oh no, not to share with anyone, for myself.

Last night, I just couldn’t take it anymore, knowing that it was in the fridge, waiting to be drank drove me crazy, so I poured it out. It was really dark for an amber, not red, but more of a dark brown colour.  It smelled of malts and, well, just malts. Nothing really stood out.

It tasted, at first, like a typical, malty amber lager, until the after taste; there wasn’t any! It was super smooth and full of flavour. What Triple Bogey did for regular lager they did for amber lager, made it smooth and refreshing for enjoying after a great game of golf/curling. What’s next for them, some sort of Equestrian Ale?

Those other cans wont last long in the fridge.

Country of Origin: Canada, eh!
Alcohol Content: 5%
Sequence: First
Finished:  Yes
Vessel: Glass by way of can



Sleeman Lift

Posted: August 28, 2015 by Kenny in Craft
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liftThe wife and I were having a friend over for drinks after training one night and I needed to pick up another case of Twisted Tea, since we had downed the last two we bought (damn that stuffs good). While I was in the beer store with 2, I sauntered over to the can section to see if there was anything new. Among the tall cans of cheap-ass bum-beer and cheap-ass hippy-beer I saw a can from Sleeman that I had never seen before. Lift? What’s that? “For the performance focused. Contains coconut water” the can proudly displays. This sounds interesting….and probably disgusting.

As I take it up to the cash, I tell 2 that this beer is going to suck. The lovely girl at the desk laughs and says she hasn’t seen anyone buy it yet (not a good sign). We banter a little longer and she grabs my case of Twisted Tea and then I leave for the gym.

When I get there, I start telling people about this likely disgusting beer that I bought and how I can’t wait to drink it. Most don’t understand why I would be excited to drink gross beer, but some get it. “Coconut water? I think they’re trying too hard” says one. “Who would drink a beer after exercise?” asked another (she’s new and doesn’t realize that is my after-workout staple).

When I got home, I made sure to toss it in the fridge so it was nice and cold for later on in the evening. I started off slow with a Innocente Glance Rye Pale Ale and followed that up with a Flying Bison Rusty Chain. Then I decided enough was enough. Lets get this crap out of the way. It poured out a dark orange and it smelled like shit stale lager. It was a musky, malty, non-coconutty smell.

I’ve had coconut water and I was expecting this to be an alcoholic version of that. The first taste was all lager. And not good lager like a vienna or a lug tread, a bad lager like a Canadian. Kinda like if you were a kid, and Uncle Joe left his bottle of Canadian on the table to go out and have a smoke and forgot about it. Then when you were cleaning up an hour later saw there was some left at the bottom….and drank it. Ya, it was like that.

@Bryhendornet put it nicely by saying it should be called “Old Milwaukee Light Sport”.

It was not good.

Country of Origin: Canada
Alcohol Content: 4%
Sequence: Third
Finished: Yes
Vessel: Glass by way of can


OV (Old Vienna)

Posted: June 29, 2015 by Kenny in Domestic
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IMG_20150628_131400_editSo over the weekend, the wife’s side of the family was supposed to have a family reunion golf tournament, like they do every year. This year, it was in Welland. Unfortunately, on Saturday, Welland received so much rainfall that most of the golf course was underwater. Needless to say, we weren’t going to Welland…Or were we?

Turns out, the in-laws had paid for the dinner portion of the weekend and since the organizers are not weathermen and didn’t anticipate this much rain, had no reason to cancel the food order. So, at 10:30 on a Sunday morning, after, what seemed like, 24 hours of straight rain in London, the 6 of us piled into the van and drove 2 hours to go have dinner with the wife’s extended family. Now that’s a fun time!

Jackie was coming down from Toronto to meet us there and we (the wife) decided to meet up at a bar first to a) get the kids some food for lunch before a possibly mediocre dinner (it was) and 2) beer. We got to the golf course, which was deserted, and plugged FOOD into the GPS to see what was close. It found a sports bar called Elbow Room and we were on our way. We called the in-laws, who were in Welland already, and told them that’s what we were doing and they decided to meet us there too with one of the crazy cousins, Maurice. It was also during this call that we found out that Maurice’s wife, Beth, does the books for this bar, and they are now called Tailgates. OK, still a sports bar, I’m happy.

We got to where the GPS said the bar was and saw a Giant Tiger, a Dollar Tree and a parking lot that might as well have been gravel on dirt. The whole area looked rough. We were about to step into a bar-fly heaven!  We walked in the door, 2 nicely dressed adults with 4 kids, and could feel the looks of confusion from the old mustachioed-men sitting at the bar watching the Jay’s game.

We rearranged all the tables in the back section, since we needed the space, and the server came over to drop off the menus and see if we needed any drinks. On the way in, I noticed the Coors Light banners and immediately know it was a Molson bar and could pretty much rhyme off what was on tap….but I asked anyway.
Coors Light
Rickard’s Red
Rickard’s White (a craft beer)
Coors Banquet

WHOA! OV? I actually never let her get to Creemore and Granville before I ordered the OV. I haven’t had that since I was a teenager old enough to drink. When it came, it was clear yellow and it smelled like that uncle who drinks too much beer. It was awful smelling. I tried it anyway and you know what? It really wasn’t that bad. It wasn’t great, but it was tolerable. It had that tin pilsner taste up front which kinda gives you pucker mouth at first, but then finishes clean and dry.

The server said that it’s a big hit with the younger crowd (read hipsters) and when Jackie arrived and ordered one too, it was confirmed.

Back at the golf course, we met up with Mark and we had another, this time in a bottle. I can tell you this: If you have a chance, drink it on tap, ’cause it’s gross from the bottle.

Country of Origin: 
Alcohol Content:  5%
Sequence:  First
Finished:  Yes
Vessel: Draught, Bottle

Barn Door Summer Storm Lager

Posted: February 5, 2015 by Kenny in Craft
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summer-storm-beer_1xI’m not 100% sure why I’m drinking a summer beer in the dead of winter, but whatever. It’s beer!

This is the first Barn Storm I’ve had, so I have no expectations.  It poured out dark orange and smelled flat and malty. Then I read the label and saw that it is a Kellerbier. OK, flat and malty is what it’s supposed to be.

It tasted flat and malty too, but not creamy like Creemore’s Kellerbier. It actually tasted like a Polish lager, which I really enjoy for some reason.

It’s pretty good. I’d like to see what else they have in store.

Country of Origin:  Canada
Alcohol Content:  4.8%
Sequence:  First
Finished:  Yes
Vessel:  Glass by way of bottle